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Too Bad You're A Slave EP

by The Ground Above

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Final Boss 04:14
Fight me! Might need a potion... I've got the princess. You'll never catch me! Ok You might be a little stronger than I thought But there's only one way you can take this princess You must defeat me In an epic battle With no survivors! Autotune rap ENDING PART: You will not take the princess this time from her land I heard your shout I heard your taunt and now it's time I took a stand I stomped your friends and killed your guards, without losing a life bar Flame swords surround my body and I even got a shotty I went to the land of elves tears and got the staff that evil fears Destiny will take you down You're not but an evil clown! It's time to fight heroic one Historic battle's just begun Dodge, slash, potion, crash, ha ha your health's at half! All that gone from just one hit? OP much but I won't quit But I admit, you're a challenge Damn now I'm thrown off balance! Ha you're dead / This can't be right I'll smite you still before the night Let me press start, option screen Difficulty, set to easy C'mon bro. Unfair.
Clowns 04:00
Mr. Bubbles 04:03
Politics 03:16
Isn't it great The world is over Horray I am your new robot overlord But you can call me Ralph The world is over Isn't it great? No more school Because the world is over Edna, that dress is very pretty Too bad you're a slave Hooray! Everything's on fire The world is over
Yeah 05:28


This is a collection of 6 songs that were released on YouTube. Each one is scientifically designed to make you feel awesome. Use with caution!

P.S. They're also filled with love just for you.


released May 16, 2013


all rights reserved



The Ground Above Kingston, New York

Hi, I'm Avery. I hope you like the music.

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