Feeling Great EP

by The Ground Above

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LightningZiff Silly Granny... Omazing. Favorite track: Beach House.
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BROOMERANG La la la la ..... Silly Granny - trying to swim to the Island..... LOL
gsb 2013 Favorite track: Beach House.


People should be happy. I am. And when I'm not, I realize that's just silly so I decide to be happy again. I'd love for you to follow this example, because YOU are a truly wonderful, unique person.

When you're done listening to these tracks, you'll feel great, be energized and may have even chucked a bit. You'll even have super strength! (NOTE: Super strength not guaranteed.)

Thank you for your interest in my music. I work very hard on what you hear, and your support truly means the world to me.


released September 4, 2012

All credits for production, engineering, songwriting, mixing, vocals, and anything else you could think of go to Avery Berman - the man behind The Ground Above.



all rights reserved


The Ground Above Kingston, New York

Music like a high five.

If you like it, download some music because it will probably make you feel awesome all day.

Love you,

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Track Name: Feeling Great
I'm feeling kinda kinda great lately, kinda feelin
I'm feeling kinda kinda great lately, kinda cool
I'm feeling kinda kinda great lately, kinda feelin
Kinda great, feeling cool, isn't this awesome?

World, start movin' now

I'm feelin' pretty damn great lately
I wake up with a smile every morning lately
cause every single day I see the sun high above
and I feel like I'm chillin' way up there the ground above

far away, from all the stress of this worldly place
where I can recognize each person in the human race

and I pretend that everyone loves each other
and we can finally live together sister and brother
Track Name: Beach House
I just bought a beach house!
Let's go check it out!


It's red??


I just bought a beach house.


It's a beach house

Let's swim!

That was fun.
I wonder how Grandma's doing.
I should send her a card.
Dear Grandma,
I just bought a beach house!

It's a beach house

Huge taxes!

Oh my god
It's a tsunami!

Oh, nevermind.

It's a beach house

Kick a sandcastle!

Race to the island!

Beat ya Grandma!

It's a beach house

Um, there's dead horseshoe crabs, all over this beach...
Track Name: Compliments
Hello there listener
I want you to try an experiment
imagine all the bad things in your life and then let them melt away into the beat
maybe move your feet a little
that is it
you feel better now

maybe this will help you relax

i am wonderful i am spectacular
i am smart i am capable
i love the world the world loves me
i overcome my obstacles
i forgive my enemies
i am powerful
i get money
i make friends
life comes easy
i love music
i love art
i love the ground above

you should love who you are as no one else is you
and love those around you as they will love you too
because without love we would all perish so remember to all love
and always remember to love my creator the ground above

who cares what cathy thinks about your shoes
they're lovely

your boss told me you're a great employee

you smell nice today

are my compliments making you feel better?

I mean them all
Track Name: Can't Take It
You can't take it
You can't take it
You can't take the
Fire out of me