Captain Kittenmouth / No Guitars Allowed

by The Ground Above



THIS IS COMPUTER MUSIC! THERE ARE NO GUITARS ALLOWED!" exclaimed Ralph the Robot Overlord... but it's no use. With a strum and a smirk, an intoxicatingly jazzy guitar line is played, blasting out from the speakers. But Ralph isn't going to go down without a fight. It's beeps and bass vs guitars. Who will win?

Meanwhile, while all may begin smooth and chill, the town is about to come under attack! The Mayor must call for the help of Captain Kittenmouth yet again! After all, he's the only one who's dedicated his life to stopping crime and the forces... of... EVIL! This epic battle is inevitable...



released October 13, 2013



all rights reserved


The Ground Above Kingston, New York

Music like a high five.

If you like it, download some music because it will probably make you feel awesome all day.

Love you,

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